What Makes Plantation Shutter Inc. Stand Out

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What Makes Plantation Shutter Inc. Stand Out

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About The Plantation Shutter Inc.

The Plantation Shutter is a custom shutter company based in Dallas, Texas. We manufacture and install our shutters from start to finish. We provide luxurious and high-quality custom window blinds, shutters, roller and motorized shades to beautify homes across Dallas Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

We are a family business that was established by my father in law, and we are going into our twenty-ninth year in business. Through market crashes, other local companies going under, with influxes of imported products, and mass-produced shutters, we have successfully maintained our standard of quality and service. This has allowed us to not only stay in business but grow. As a business, we always strive to improve both in our manufacturing process and in our customer interaction.

At Plantation Shutter Inc. we follow a green policy, and we limit our waste. Being a wood shutter manufacturer, we ensure we have as little waste as possible, and we use low VOC water based paint. We also support our community through sponsoring several local causes and sports teams.

The Plantation Shutter Inc. Difference

With several years of experience in the shutter business, you can be sure about the quality of our products. We only sell high-quality shutters and have several options for clients to choose from, suiting each home's unique needs. We are proud to offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all our products, giving our customer peace of mind. Also, we are a local business and are able to offer our quality products and outstanding customer service at a very competitive price.

We make shutters for people from all walks of life. Being a small, family-owned and operated business, we have the ability to work directly with our customers, and that is what attracts people. When a client calls they get to talk to a person, usually one of the family members and not a pre-recorded response.

In addition, we always send someone out who works for us and not subcontractors. If there is any problem you can call us directly, not a separate warranty company. You can come to our factory to see what we do. We will be happy to give you a personal tour.

In 2014 we were ranked top ten shutter companies in Dallas. We are very proud of our products, and customer service and we hope to continue to provide our products and services and expand our reach in the future. We hope that the next generation will continue this legacy.

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