How Plantation Shutter Inc. Helps Clients Select Better Quality Products

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In the window treatments business, competition has ensured that quality is maintained and pricing remains competitive. However, over the years, we have noticed that clients are more open to compromise on quality in return for cheaper products. Their joy is short-lived however as the products last for a short time and need replacing frequently.

Keep reading to learn about how we help clients pick window treatments that last.

The Challenge: Cheaper and lower quality products in the market.

An increasing amount of shutter manufacturing is being outsourced, resulting in the market being flooded with products with questionable quality. These products look identical to branded treatments and are much lower priced, making them more appealing to customers. More often than not, clients opt to ignore the quality aspect, believing that they are getting a great looking product for a lower price.

There is also no waiting period as these products are available in bulk. Unfortunately, in a few weeks and months, customers are left disappointed and frustrated because they need to get new window treatments.

The Solution: Showcasing our quality, sticking to our prices and educating the client.

Having been in the industry for close to three decades, we have seen a lot of competition come and go, trends rise and disappear, and cheaper alternatives emerge and vanish equally fast. We remind clients that the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

We also remind our clients that we build Plantation Shutters ourselves. We show our clients the differences in quality when the products look similar, and how our products are more durable than the imported products.

We take the time and effort to show clients how our quality stands out and why purchasing our products are worth a few extra dollars. Although this is a battle we have been fighting on a daily basis, we have been enjoying small victories more consistently over the past few years.

The Bottom Line

At Plantation Shutter Inc., we build our shutters from the ground up in Dallas, Texas, with wood from here in the USA. We develop our shutters with parts that are manufactured in the USA and can ensure that the level of quality is unmatched. Our ability to consistently deliver top quality shutters has endeared us to our clients which is why we have been able to function for over twenty-eight years successfully.

As the best solution provider for custom window treatments in Dallas, Texas, we will ensure that you have the most luxurious and high-quality custom window blinds, shutters, roller, and motorized shades to beautify homes across Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Irving, and Arlington.

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