Four Tips To Help You Get A Better View When Selecting Plantation Shutters

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Many homeowners are investing in plantation shutters to increase curb appeal and bring a sense of timeless elegance to their homes. However, if you want to make the most out of your plantation shutters, you need to consider several factors such as the material, measurement, and costs, among other things. A window covering company can dress your plantation shutter with the right color, louver size, panel, or tilt system to help you get a clear view.

Without the skills and expertise of a window treatment company, you may be left with a product that can obstruct your view for years to come. To ensure every detail is taken into account and you get as much of the outside possible, Plantation Shutter Inc. has listed four tips to help you get a better view when selecting plantation shutters.


Tip #1: Go big. 

The larger the louver size, the more space is created between each louver. With more space, you get fewer louvers and a greater view.


Tip #2: Go wide.

A wide panel eliminates excess stiles that run vertically along the sides of a window. The less busy it is, the better the view.


Tip #3: Go hidden.

A hidden rear tilt system is integrated into the back of a shutter and removes the standard tilt rod from the front. Therefore, maximizing your view.


Tip #4: Find a reputed window treatment company.

Find a plantation shutter company that specializes in designing and installing long-lasting custom shutters, as per your preference.


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