Hidden Tilt Rod Window Treatments Explained By Plantation Shutter Inc

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Are you thinking of going for the traditional look to dress up the windows in your house? If you are, plantation shutters make for a wonderful choice. However, as the technology incorporated in them has changed over the years, today’s plantation shutters offer you a range of selections.

One choice that you may not be familiar with is the rear-mount tilt rod or hidden tilt rod shutter. The tilt rod is the mechanism used to tilt the louvers of a shutter. Traditionally, the tilt road is in the center front of the shutter, but the hidden tilt rod is placed at the back and hidden from view. While this may seem like an insignificant change, it does have more than one advantage:

1. It removes the standard tilt rod from view
This means that you will have a more open view through your shutters when the tilt road is hidden. A more open view means a cleaner look outside and less visible lines distracting you from the view.

2. It offers a contemporary look
With a hidden tilt rod, your shutters tend to look more contemporary in nature. Moreover, they complement the modern look and appeal of the interiors of your house.

3. It creates a clean look
If you have thin windows, installing shutters with hidden tilt rods will create a clean and symmetric look. This will ensure that your shutters tie in with your design and function flawlessly as well.

To learn more about hidden tilt rod shutters, reach out to Plantation Shutter Inc. We are plantation shutter specialists with over twenty-five years of experience in the sale of these products. Our shutters match high-quality standards and can be customized to your unique requirements and preferences. Similarly, we guaranteed customer satisfaction and are prepared to help you even after the sale if you face any challenges with our products.

When you choose our hidden tilt rod shutters, typically, there is an added 10% upcharge. If you feel that this is too much, just remember that our products promise quality and are guaranteed to last for several years.

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