A Complete Guide to All the Best Types of Curtains

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If windows are the soul to a home, curtains are the eyebrows, which are arguably even more important, since, like on a face, they frame and shape a room. And also like great eyebrows, they come in many shapes and forms. But before we even dive into all the best types of curtains, let's define them: Unlike drapes (their close window treatment cousin), curtains feature thinner fabrics—though they can still be lined to block out light—and hang from a curtain rod installed above the window and extend to the floor, typically over blinds or shades if the purpose is to darken the room and provide privacy.

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Original Article Source Credits:   House Beautiful , https://www.housebeautiful.com/

Article Written By:  HADLEY MENDELSOHN

Original Article Posted on:  FEB 7, 2020

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