The Changes Taking Place Everywhere After COVID

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We have already seen the pandemic significantly hit the type of business that we run. The challenge we as facing is that we can only work on setting up blinds in someone else’s house. People were a little scared to let us enter their homes because of the spread of the Coronavirus, so our work significantly slowed down. There were other challenges as well, with the lockdowns and people working from home, which was quite common, we could make the jump to remote working as the work we handle cannot be done remotely. Additionally, the lockdowns contributed to delays in products and other items coming in or crossing borders. There were shortages of supplies adding another complication to the mix.

We had to wait for the Government to relax the rules they were running by so we could get back to working and running our business. There was a positive side to it, however, and we noticed that there were a lot of people who were spending a lot of time at home and wanted to make changes to their house, which was a good thing as it meant more work. If things stay as they are currently, we are on track to catch up to pre-COVID conditions. Like most businesses, we have had delays in production due to staff sickness, material delays, and lockdowns.

We had to make a lot of changes in every aspect of the work we were handling. We had to adapt and start communicating over the phone and sending over email quotes while still offering in-person ones as well. Providing virtual quotes was a little challenging, but we are getting the hang of it as we had to get it done for most of the pandemic. We are fully up and running in our facility, so we stopped remote working some time back. The only aspects where we could remote work would have the paperwork or filling out content. While we do offer facility tours, we usually only have one or two customers at a time. We are fortunate to have a large office, so we can stay open to having more people come into work as we are within the rules laid out. We clean and disinfect regularly, while also using gloves and masks when and where possible and necessary.

As most of the work we get done is at the houses of our clients, we cannot make changes to the hours we spend working. When it comes to communicating with our clients, we have not made any significant changes to the approaches we were using, however, have started spending more time talking to them over the phone or through text. We were not using any other secure platforms at all.

 We are still working on home consultations whenever our clients are open to them. As mentioned earlier, whenever they are not, we work remotely and provide them with the best quote we can. We wear gloves and masks for each sales appointment and installation. We have not needed to handle a video conferencing meeting with our clients yet but would be open to any platform. 

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